The value of a keyword

The value of a keyword

Within these two schools of thought the value of a keyword is based on either:

The monthly search volume relative to the level of competition, or
The potential acquisition of income (or conversion rate)
There are a number of ways to get monthly search volume relative, but what remains the easiest is to use Google planner word (the replacement for the keyword tool now obsolete).

It is not as simple as it was keyword tool, and is not a much heavier focus on AdWords, but still provides data as a starting point for investigation.

But what really takes AdWords focus on specific data, so be aware that they must remain aware of the alternates between ad groups and keywords, here are some examples:

After entering the word (s) of seeds, you will have to change the default, Group ad ideas' to '' keyword ideas
Then, after you've built your initial list - you need to click 'Estimates Review, "at which point you have to change (again) from ad group" to "keyword" and then enter a bid before seeing any useful data.
Complex? Absolutely. But still useful, however.

It is necessary to consider the authority of the websites that are already lining up for these keywords and get an idea of ​​the competitiveness of this particular organic SERP.

There are some key signs that I look when a second synopsis of a SERP 30 is made, and my favorite to get a grip on the direction of the fly competition on tool is the Mozbar chrome extension, which some give in one SEO glance URL-level data conveniently right in the SERP interface.
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