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slashdot information


(sometimes / the brief.) "It is important that the News Godfather. Invisible," the first bill that the news site. Science and technology shows that it recognizes the speech made by the users of its news. Each story is meant to be attached to the part.

Slashdot and the "Hemos" called "Commander Taco", and a classmate, Jeff Bates called Hope College student Rob Malda, was founded in 1997. It DHI Group, Inc. was purchased by (i.e., for tech job seekers website designed dice Holdings International. [3] [4])

Slashdot summary and links to news articles submitted by the readers, and each story becomes a topic of discussion threads and users are. Neutral System is approved based on the user discussion. Randomly selected facts they can use the points to rank ideas (usually 5) is assigned. The neutrality of the statement either "normal", "offtopic", "insightful", "excess" (among others), "important" or "not adhyāpanayakut" depending on whether or not to see, or +1 or -1 is the current rankings. Site comments and approval system under the GNU General Public License can be obtained from its own open source content management system, cuts, is administered by.

In 2012, Slashdot had over 3.7 million unique visitors per month and more than 5300 views a day has been [3]. The website "Best Community Site" and "Best Web site" has won awards, including the People's Voice award in 2000 for more than 20. In some cases, some small talk, or is connected to the independent sites can overwhelm a traffic surge upsets server. This phenomenon is the "Slashdot effect" is called.
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