Reddit information for seo

Reddit information for seo

Registering an account with Reddit is free and does not require an e-mail to complete. Users are known as "redditors". When logging in, users have the opportunity to vote on the observations and comments to increase or decrease your visibility and send links and comments. Users can also create their own subreddit on a topic of their choice, and interested users can add to their first page by subscribing to it. For example, in May 2015, the subreddit Wikipedia - subtitled "the most interesting pages in Wikipedia." - It has more than 151,000 subscribers [16] comments Reddit and presentations sometimes abbreviated and peppered with terms that can be understood within (and in many cases also outside) the community of Reddit, ranging from OP (for "original poster" - the user who posted the presentation being discussed) NSFW (for "not safe for work." - the position indicated has graphic or sexually explicit content) [17] users gain "karma links" and "comment karma "for submitting links and popular commentaries, which accumulate as point values ​​in your user profile. Users also can be equipped with "Reddit gold" if another user has received the comments or publication either in general mood due to content or quality. This is also known as gold. Reddit has also created a point system called "creddits". Reddit "creddits" are like gold gift certificates: each creddit that allows you to have one month to another person Reddit gold. The points do not lead to a prize, as they are meant to be like a badge of honor for the user among their peers, although redditors have tried to redeem points earlier. [18]

Reddit also allows presentations to be no externally linked. These are called "self messages" or "text presentations." Many subreddits based discussion allow shipments only text only as "AskReddit" - where users are only allowed to ask questions, based broad discussion to the community. auto messages no karma points for the sender accumulate, but you can still vote like other content.

Mr. fluid pants logo used on November 27, 2007
Reddit communities coordinate occasionally, external-bias Reddit such as surveys on other websites, such as projects in 2007, when Greenpeace allowed users to decide the name of a killer whale that was tracking. Reddit users voted en masse in the name of the whale "Mr. Splashy Pants," and encourages managers Reddit further is changing site logo a whale during the vote. In December of that year, Mr. Splashy Pants was announced as the winner of the competition. [19]

Within the site, redditors commemorate his "cake day" once a year, which is the anniversary of the day the user account is created for the first time. The "cake day" offers no special benefit, except a small icon representing a piece of cake next to the name of the user for 24 hours. [twenty]

Redditors can "friend" each other, making a redditor quick access to the publication and comments from your friends list. The system system and friend commenting, along with some "Reddit ethos" (called reddiquette on Reddit), provides aspects Reddit a social networking service, although not to the extent of Facebook, Google and other websites designed to provide social networking services.

The Reddit community also socializes in local parks and bars all over the world, there are [21] and many subreddits located for local meetings.
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