How 'I don't have Facebook' became the new annoying 'I don't watch TV'

How 'I don't have Facebook' became the new annoying 'I don't watch TV'

Learned in the last ten years (the poor, the familiar spirit) is to be carried out on OkCupid, you are the person that has come through with a good-looking dreadful mediocre profile. Page halfway down, their basic needs (food, sleep) for the right to express their desire, there it was like a penalty clause in your nightmares. "I do not watch TV," the author, it is usually followed by their intellectual superiority- with a soft insisted: "I like to read books," or still, "I see many good independent movies instead, or walk." "Taking a walk" as sharp as some of the others can be (self score) was crushed their hearts a little sedentary. After missing for - a little, enjoy Disclaimer situation does away! - Before it morphed into its latest incarnation joy: "I do not do Facebook."

Asia: the collapse. Statement, and a multi-multi-Share more than the last one came on stage apologia priest:

Humanitarian lonely: "I do not need social media. I prefer real-life interaction."

Grand Vision: "I think we all look at our own mobile phones in, we do not really see each other. You know?"

Confused idealist: "I [that is expected to reach its strange memories Video] on Facebook to work, take some time off."
Stone cold sober, appeared to everyone. Some, it appears, harm-reduction policy is followed. "I hate to cut all my Facebook friends," If you say anything racist or hear, I'll friend you just said that the de-. "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brave heroes have warned Internet change the world, one time a threat in the angry manner.

At first glance, Facebook Resistance Army may seem weak, but their ground invasion graining. All teenagers have decreased by 70% in 2012 on Facebook, only 50% are using Facebook "cool" social networks (# 1, but all over the hip by principals), and the young people have been rated third. The population is just some Instagram (of Facebook) and Snapchat (Facebook of almost) of substandard platforms may have moved. Facebook is still 1.44 billion monthly active users (and growing), but enjoys the mental transition is true of our generation. Facebook to become one - no matter how much time there - once it has joined as popular.

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